My Awards
Name Description Award
Known You're well known in the community. Known
King You've done something note-worthy. King
Professional Coder You're an excellent programmer. Professional Coder
Referrals You've referred 15 people to Cracking Forums. Referrals
Cracker You're good at cracking. Cracker
Donator I Donate $10 for this award. Donator I
Donator II Donate $50 for this award. Donator II
Donator III Donate $100 for this award. Donator III
Diamond Upgrade to Diamond to receive this award. Diamond
Animal Lover Donate $10 or more to the Dubois County Humane Society. Click here. Animal Lover
Gift Santa has given you a present. Only available during December. Gift
YouTube If you have over 50 subscribers, you can earn this award by posting a video on YouTube about Cracking Forums. YouTube
Sexy You're sexy. Sexy